Wi-Fi Management & Optimization


Centralized AP Management

For many enterprises and organizations, one of the major IT challenges in today’s mobile-centric environment is how to deploy, maintain, and manage a secure Wi-Fi network in a simple and cost-effective way. Edgecore addresses these concerns by providing an intuitive AP management interface and enabling intelligent network management. Features such as automatic discovery & provisioning aim to reduce initial deployment complexities, while AP Load Balancing and Rogue AP Detection further enhance network performance and security. Network administrators can also easily monitor APs in distributed sites or branch offices using the integrated map-based view, pushing configuration templates when necessary and collecting network statistics in real-time.

Wi-Fi Performance Management

Reliable performance is typically one of the most important aspects for public and enterprise Wi-Fi deployments. From client filtering thresholds to dynamic channel selection and intelligent configuration optimization, Edgecpre access points come with all the features that IT administrators need to minimize potential network downtime and guarantee smooth Wi-Fi access. And when paired with Edgecore WLAN controllers, the detailed control of each user’s access policies can further optimize network resource allocation.

Advanced Wi-Fi Security

Edgecore Wi-Fi comes with standards-based enterprise level security and data encryption, preventing potential vulnerabilities such as man-in-the-middle. And with advanced security features such as Rouge AP Detection, Station Isolation, and built-in Layer 2 Firewall on the access points, network administrators can enhance the security and robustness of the wireless network. Finally, detailed user access and network activity logs allow for close monitoring to ensure that users are adhering to corporate network policies.
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