Wireless Hotspot Gateway

All-in-One Wireless Hotspot Gateway

The Edgecore ECH-series all-in-one wireless hotspot gateway is a solution that caters primarily to SMBs such as coffee shops and restaurants. Compared to its bigger sibling the EWS-series gateway-controller, the ECH has many of the key EWS functionality – such as captive portal authentication, user policy enforcement, and guest Wi-Fi – built-in to the form factor of an access point. The compact solution helps to significantly reduce deployment costs for small coverage locations without sacrificing management capabilities.

Seamless Ticket Printer Integration

By integrating Edgecore ECH and wireless ticket printer, restaurants and coffee shops can quickly generate Wi-Fi accounts for their paying customers at the press of a button. The login credentials and usage quotas are directly shown on the ticket, while QR-code functionality allows users to automatically authenticate without having to manually enter the username and password in the captive portal.

Value-added Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has become a valuable source of customer information for many businesses and values offering free Wi-Fi. By collecting customer information from customized login pages or social media platforms, businesses can better understand their customers and engage them with more effective targeted marketing. Additionally, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi allows businesses to enhance their network security in the face of new governmental regulations, while simultaneously gaining better control over how customers are using their Wi-Fi network.

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The Edgecore ECH502 is a wireless hotspot with built-in user access control, ideal for SMBs that wish to provide simple and manageable guest Wi-Fi.


Wireless Ticket Generator

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