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The Edgecore ECH502 is a wireless hotspot with built-in user access control, ideal for SMBs that wish to provide simple and manageable guest Wi-Fi.


The Edgecore ECH502 is an all-in-one wireless hotspot gateway solution that caters primarily to SMBs such as coffee shops or restaurants. As an access point with built-in gateway functionality, the ECH502 is ideal for businesses that wish to have an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi network for their customers, without the associated deployment costs and complexities. Featuring concurrent dual-band 802.11ac wave 2 connectivity, 2x2:2 MU-MIMO with a total data rate of 1.2 Gbps, and many wireless optimization features, the ECH502 is able to provide a wire-like performance. Additionally, the ECH502 offers a comprehensive set of user authentication, policy enforcement, and network traffic monitoring functionality, allowing businesses to gain complete visibility and control over their Wi-Fi.

The integrated guest Wi-Fi in the ECH502 supports a wide-array of methods for guests to authenticate and obtain Wi-Fi access. Guests can register by e-mail, SMS, or popular social media platforms such as Facebook, for additional access. Alternatively, businesses can choose to integrate external RADIUS server to easily centralize the user credentials in existed network environment.

With the ECH502, small business owners can move beyond just providing free Wi-Fi to their customers. Customizable captive portals and social media login are now valuable sources for obtaining direct customer information, which in turn allows for better understanding of customers and more effective marketing campaigns. Manageable Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming a necessity for SMBs that wish to offer a secure and reliable Wi-Fi environment, and the ECH502 is the ideal product to meet these needs.

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