In hospitals, wireless connectivity is becoming the mainstream method for communication in healthcare delivery systems – doctors and nurses are able to provide patients with better care, work more efficiently, and lower overall costs. However, designing a Wi-Fi network for a hospital can also be very challenging when considering how to properly manage the wireless spectrum and the potential interference with other equipment. To accommodate complex hospital requirements, Edgecore’s access points are optimized to operate smoothly in a crowded environment. When combined with a comprehensive set of AP management features, proper network planning, and spectrum analysis functionality, hospital IT administrators are able to significantly reduce the amount of wireless interference, ensuring that life-critical healthcare applications are not interrupted.

Feautre and benefits


Optimized Wi-Fi for Hospital Environments

With increasing demand for Wi-Fi in patient waiting rooms and expanding usage of mobile medical carts and tablet-based medical applications, it is even more crucial for hospital Wi-Fi networks to be robust and reliable. Edgecore’s Wi-Fi solution allows hospitals to completely segregate the network between healthcare professionals and guests, and assign higher traffic priority to doctors and nurses for life-critical applications. Together with proper network planning and configuration, hospital IT administrators can ensure ubiquitous coverage and optimal wireless performance.

Providing Better Healthcare Information

Hospitals can enable the Service Zone functionality on Edgecore’s EWS gateway-controller as a medium to provide quick and relevant healthcare information to patients and guests. For example, when patients and their families login to Wi-Fi from the pediatric wing, they can be presented with advertisements and digital brochures relevant to common pediatric health concerns. And to simplify the guest Wi-Fi account creation process, Edgecore offers a flexible on-demand API that can be easily integrated with patient data systems.

Reliable Wireless with High Mobility

Seamless roaming and uninterrupted connectivity as doctors and nurses move from one patient to the next is an essential requirement for hospital Wi-Fi networks. Network administrators can utilize the connectivity thresholds on Edgecore access points to mitigate typical sources of wireless congestion, such as the sticky client behavior or devices associating to APs that are too far away. Along with fine-grained user access control offered by Edgecore’s EWS gateway-controller, hospitals can intelligently allocate available network resources and provide an uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience.
Wlan Gateway Controllers

Wlan Gateway Controllers

AP Management Simplified
Hybrid Gateway-Controller Architecture
Multiple Customizable Captive Portals
Guest Wi-Fi with Self-Registration
Wireless Access Point

Wireless Access Point

Enterprise-grade AP Functionality
Optimal Client Filtering
Integrated Layer 2 Firewall
Detailed Client and Network Statistics
Wireless Hotspot Gateway

Wireless Hotspot Gateway

All-in-One Wireless Hotspot Gateway
Seamless Ticket Printer Integration
Value-added Free Wi-Fi
Enterprice Switches

Enterprice Switches

L3 Switches
L2 Switches
Web Smart Pro swithes
Web Smart switches
Industrial Switces
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