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With educational apps and videos making their way into classrooms, technology is now drastically changing the way students learn. Laptops and tablets are instrumental in facilitating student teacher interaction, and ensuring that students receive the most effective learning. With Edgecore Wi-Fi, institutions can easily adapt to this new IT environment. Network administrators can perform detailed management of teacher and student access by creating multiple user roles, each with its own pre-defined set of policies and schedules. Furthermore, configurable wireless connectivity thresholds and AP load balancing help to mitigate the congestion caused by heavy concurrent access in areas such as lecture halls, providing students with an uninterrupted learning experience.
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Features and benefits

Schedule & Role-based User Access Control

Powerful Wi-Fi access control is necessary for schools to protect critical network resources, have complete visibility over all users and devices, and quickly respond to any potential network issues. Edgecore’s role-based user policies provide school IT administrators with the tools to differentiate network access privileges between faculty members, students, and guests. Furthermore, each role can be assigned with unique access policies depending on schedule, and granted access to the network depending on the location of the Wi-Fi AP they are associated to.

Optimizing Wi-Fi Performance for High Density

Classrooms and lecture halls today are typically the locations in a school or university with the highest density of Wi-Fi devices. In order to facilitate an effective e-learning experience, Edgecore’s access points and EWS gateways support robust performance during periods of higher concurrent association, DHCP requests, and authentication traffic. Furthermore, IT administrators can configure detailed connectivity thresholds on the access points to intelligently manage available wireless spectrum resources to guarantee smooth network performance.

Traffic Prioritization for Reliable E-Learning

To ensure that teaching applications across Wi-Fi are not interrupted by regular student access, network administrators can use Edgecore’s role-based traffic classification and QoS features to assign different priorities for each user role. For example, teachers can be given a higher priority over students, ensuring the smooth wireless transmission of teaching materials. This helps avoid potential network congestion or downtime, and ultimately increases the effectiveness of technology in the classroom.



Education - Smart Class

92,000 units of indoor AP and 4,026 wireless controller units mass deployed in 4,000 schools throughout Turkey.
The project started in 2012 with a pilot phase and a plan to finish all installation in different phases across 81 provinces in 5 years.

➤Project Customer:
       Turkish government- Smart Class Project, Turkey
➤Products Deployed:
       EWS Controller
       ECW Indoor AP
➤Key Application
       Centralized & remote AP management
       Multiple virtual networks
       DHCP/User/System log server
       Fast and Seamless roaming
       Detailed logs and reports
Wlan Gateway Controllers

Wlan Gateway Controllers

AP Management Simplified
Hybrid Gateway-Controller Architecture
Multiple Customizable Captive Portals
Guest Wi-Fi with Self-Registration
Wireless Access Point

Wireless Access Point

Enterprise-grade AP Functionality
Optimal Client Filtering
Integrated Layer 2 Firewall
Detailed Client and Network Statistics
Wireless Hotspot Gateway

Wireless Hotspot Gateway

All-in-One Wireless Hotspot Gateway
Seamless Ticket Printer Integration
Value-added Free Wi-Fi
Enterprice Switches

Enterprice Switches

L3 Switches
L2 Switches
Web Smart Pro swithes
Web Smart switches
Industrial Switces
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